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17th National Taekwon-Do Championship- Rishikesh, Month of Nov. 2021

National News

Dated: 7th April 2020
Dear all members and students,
Due to being busy for a long time, I was not able to talk to all of you.
Today, when I am writing this word, the world is suffering from Crones Havoc, as the whole word has stopped, so for no country been able to make its medicine or vaccine. Our country is able to get out of their houses, and is everyone is looking at God at great desire as if they are praying and hoping Now you will fix everything.
I advise you that we should strictly follow the advice of our P.M Sh. Narendra Modi and we are hoping that you will be doing so.
Now, let's talk a little about viruses: 1. We should use masks to prevent the risk of virus from entering our home.
2. From time to time, keep sanitizing yourself as per need and stay clean.
3. We should remember that unfortunately no one has been made yet.
4. I want to say that our body composition is rare, our body's immune system also keeps on working 24 hours, because of how many viruses continue to enter our body, and we also know why? Because our immune system protects us 24 hours and kills viruses.
5. Can we do something that if the virus enters our body and is killed, then I tell you yes it can happen if our immunity (immune system) is strong, now the question arises how it will happen.
6. 6 o'clock: You should use hot herbal tea or drink coconut water as soon as you wake up in the morning.
7. 6.15 (Morning): Strict exercise should be done for at least one hour by staying at home (due to Corona). 8. 7am or 8 :
1 teaspoon chia seed, 1 teaspoon linseed seeds,
4 nut kernels,
8 almonds ,
15 raisins,
grind them all in a grinder, add some water. Add black and black as per taste and drink. It should be drunk everyday (remember, one day before the night, all the seeds should be soaked in water and used in the morning).
9. Till 12 pm: Only fruits should be consumed.
10. Food should be eaten only after eating a salad of green vegetables (a big plate) before lunch.
11. Repeat lunch in dinner also. 12. Always do this and make yourself a part of your life.
13. The immune system of the person who eats such food will always be strong and the vigour of fighting diseases will become very strong.
14. But strict regulation is also necessary.
Now all of you must have understood that if the immune is strong, then we all should be healthy.
If you have any question, you can contact me through mail.
Jai Hind
Rakesh Verma

President Message

International News

Canceled Due to Crone's... 1st Bharat International Open Taekwon-Do Championship-2020, Delhi India

Venue: Talkatora Indoor Stadium, New Delhi, Dated: 29-30-31st May 2020.

National News

Sucesfully Completed 16th National Takwon-Do Championship-2019

International News

8th ITF World Cup 2020

GENERAL INFORMATION PROMOTER INTERNATIONAL TAEKWON-DO FEDERATION (ITF) ORGANIZING MNA SLOVENIAN TAEKWON-DO ASSOCIATION ADDRESS: De?kova cesta 1, SI-3000 Celje, Slovenia. ORGANIZING COMMITTEE President: Master Tomaz BARADA, Chairman GM Wim BOS ADDRESS: OC-office of the 8th World Cup 2020 ITF, Koper De?kova cesta 1, SI-3000 Celje, Slovenia.

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    Dated: 7th April 2020
    Dear all members and students,
    Due to being busy for a long time, I was not able to talk to all of you.< ....

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